Global School of Excellence

Message From Director.

Dr.Sonal Mehta

Founder Director

A Person’s Life, Character and Destiny is designed by three things- DNA, Surroundings and Experience. First one can’t be altered, second one is very important as foundation of a person’s Destiny and Life are based on it. The impact of surroundings clubbed with DNA benefits a child to earn positive experiences and these three traits combined together frames the Character and Destiny of thy Child.

It’s said that the most is learnt during the first 15-18 years of Life. During this period the influence of home and school is the most as the child spend minimum 7/8th part of the day at these two places. And out of the two, the onus to impart Knowledge- formal as well informal lies with the school.

In this dynamic world, ‘change is the only constant’ and to cope up with this fast pace ever changing world’s requirements, adaptability with right attitude is the key to success. Success here just not mean material achievements but inner strength, peace and happiness as well. Here at Global School of Excellence- Obedullaganj, we help children bring out the most they have in them and shape it in such a way, which enables child to face the world happily with inherent tenacity and emerge Victorious.

At GSE, we aim at comforting children with Happy Learning Experiences while imbibing in them the qualities of C6- Care, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, Cooperation and Charity through D3- Duty, Discipline and Dedication of our Teachers- Facilitators who are Mothers for students outside the comfort of their houses.

Our support system, the Teachers and other Staff make learning enjoyable and sincere. They inspire our children to think big and out of the box. Here at GSE we provide opportunity of Holistic Development to our students which is inclusive of Curricular, CO- Curricular, Sports and other similar activities which are assisted by state of the art facilities and best possible resources. 

Seeing is Believing: I on behalf of GSE invite u and your friends and family to visit GSE and look for yourself that, How we are Living the Words that we Speak. 


Dr Sonal Mehta

Founder Director.