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Legal Mixtape

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Yo, listen up, I got a legal mixtape

Teachin’ you ’bout contracts and how to escape

First up, the training contract covering letter

Get that job, you can do it better

Next, an agreement in principle first direct

Understand it well, so you won’t be wrecked

Got the law of God book, learnin’ divine law

Knowin’ ’bout it, you won’t be caught in the draw

What about the merchant marine physical requirements

Before you go, make sure you’re secure

Then, there’s Thailand requirements 2023

Legal changes, know ’em, it’s key

Lookin’ for legal aid lawyers for social security disability

Gettin’ help is important, don’t be actin’ shyly

Then, some good books to read about law

Expand your mind, knowin’ more won’t be the flaw

Don’t know how to write room rental agreement

Learn it now, it’s not an enslavement

Stay updated with the new laws in New York state 2022

Don’t get caught, avoid a legal debate

Finally, know about the rider on contract

Don’t be in the dark, have legal content